Post-production toolbox: essential new plug-ins and collaborations

Avid/FilmLight Professional Colour Bundle

At NAB, Avid and FilmLight announced a new collaboration that would combine the former’s Media Composer video editing suite with the latter’s BaseLight colour grading package. The two companies have already been working together for several years, improving interoperability between their respective products. The Professional Colour Bundle brings this cooperation to its highest point by creating a fully integrated editing and colouring system, combining two of the industry’s most popular products into one.

The bundle includes a customized version of BaseLight, modified especially to be integrated into Avid, allowing editors and colourists to engage in a fully integrated, collaborative workflow, directly within one NLE system.

BaseLight for Avid is a real-time plug-in that enables colour corrections to be played directly on the Avid timeline. It provides unlimited primary and secondary grades in a single layer, including mattes, automatic object tracking and full keyframe animation.

BaseLight for Avid is immediately available for both Mac and Windows at US$995.

Hawaiki Super Dissolve

This plug-in, designed exclusively for use with FCPX, eases and enhances the creation of dissolve transitions.

Key features available in Super Dissolve include:

  • Gamma Encoding: Super Dissolve offers unique in-depth control of the gamma encoding of the transition, significantly impacting the overall look;
  • Blend Modes: With 30 blending modes to choose from, Super Dissolve provides an incredibly rich range of compositing possibilities;
  • Layer Order: Another unique feature is the ability to choose the order in which the dissolve is composited;
  • Custom Curves: Super Dissolve offers you extensive and comprehensive control over the transition animation curves, with both a wide range of preset curves and complete manual control over the curve shape and timing;
  • Curve Design Interface: To facilitate setting up complex animation curves, Super Dissolve’s interface makes it easy to visualise exactly what you are creating;
  • True Asymmetric Dissolve: Sophisticated compositing technology inside Super Dissolve allows users to create true asymmetric dissolves with discrete control over timing and blending;
  • Split Mode:  Super Dissolve enables editors to generate split dissolves where one half of the frame transitions through quicker than the rest;
  • Brightness and Blur: Super Dissolve offers the ability to add blur or brightness boost/cut or both, enabling the user to create glows and blooms and a variety of diffuse effects. In combination with the extensive blend modes options, this allows for some truly unique looks;
  • Dedicated Dip and Fade: Creating dips and fades is easy with Super Dissolve – simply grab one of the dedicated modules optimised for these transitions. With unprecedented control over every aspect of the dip or fade, editors can create subtle and complex results that no other transition offers.

Available for download at US$49.

Hedge for Mac

Hedge for Mac is a new transfer and data management app that is simple to use and relatively reliable – compared to similar applications on the market – when it comes to transferring your shoot and edit data safely. The easy-to-use interface enables editors and data wranglers to copy data from and to multiple sources simultaneously, while keeping a close eye on the process. The standard three-copy transfer procedure can be performed easily and in a controlled way. Say, for example, you are copying your footage from your HD card to your Mac for edit and also to two back-up drives: the Hedge interface allows you to do all three transfers at the same time, while showing you progress bars for each one. This small but handy visual tool can offer considerable peace of mind to the user.

This tool can prevent a lot of stress on set. Its ease of use means it can quickly be mastered by a production assistant, leaving senior crew to think about other things in the knowledge that their precious video and audio data is safe. There are many data transfer programmes on the market but this one seriously demystifies and simplifies the process.

Available for download at Ä99.

PostNotes for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Perhaps the simplest plug-in on this list, PostNotes nevertheless caters to a need that many editors will have felt at one time or another. This extension for Adobe Premiere Pro is a combined note pad and to-do-list that enables editors to make editing notes as they go within their edit workflow, without a need for markers or metadata fields. Perhaps, at the end of a work day, you want to remind yourself to make a change to a cut or add a particular transition when you resume your edit the following day. Or perhaps you’re doing a client viewing and want to take down feedback points for later implementation. This easy plug-in will allow you to do just that.

Available to download for US$10


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