Local co-production partners required for USA independent sci-fi movie


Cape Film Commission has been approached by a USA based independent film producer/director who is looking to film his new feature in and around Cape Town.

The budget is approximately US$10 million. The producer has raised most of the equity in Europe and is looking at raising additional support through incentives and other investment.

The producer has a track record on similar budgeted independent movies. The genre is a female driven sci-fi action love story shot principally in the desert with some sound stage requirements.

If you are interested in having your production company put forward for consideration, please send the following details to info@capefilmcommission.co.za

Application Deadline: 22 April 2016

1)Subject line: SciFi Desert movie
2)CFC membership number
3)Detailed CV indicating similar projects, knowledge of the DTI rebate
4)Experience of working on movies of similar budgets
5)Experience of working in a desert location, sound stage and post production.


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