The Foundry debuts Modo 10


Software developer The Foundry has launched the Modo 10 series. Built on a next-generation 3D modelling, texturing and rendering platform that enables creatives to iterate freely, the Modo 10 series is poised to deliver valuable new feature sets in a series of three instalments for a single price.

Modo 10 offers a toolset that enable artists and designers to create high-quality content for games, virtual reality, product design, creative media, and film and video projects. The launch begins with the Modo 10.0V.1 instalment, which allows artists to create content and be confident that their assets will look virtually the same in Unity or Unreal Engine.

“With the Modo 10 series, we’re introducing artist-friendly tools that streamline and automate complex tasks, leaving artists and designers free to explore their creativity,’ says Andy Whitmore, chief product officer at The Foundry. “We’re talking about a toolset that paves the way for maximum creativity in the content creation process, enabling the development of addictive real-time experiences, innovative product designs, compelling images for advertising, and engaging film and video content.’

Modo 10.0V.1 will be available in the second quarter of 2016 and will be followed by V.10.1 and 10.2.


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