SA-Brazil travel series launches in 2016


South African sales company AAA Entertainment has announced the signing a co-
production deal with Brazilian Television Production Company CISUP to produce a
lifestyle and travel series, Express Caipirinha.

The show will feature the concocting of the infamous Caipirinha cocktail and other
exotic drinks throughout South America and Southern Africa. Hosted by South
African TV personality, actress and socialite diva Khanyi Mbau, alongside two
Brazilian radio personalities, Mario Alaska and Diego Regal, who co-host a comedy
breakfast show in Brazil, the show will travel to top destinations in both South
America and Southern Africa, profiling the local culture and cuisine, and finding the
similarities between these two historically connected continents which share so
much in music, art, celebration, food and culture.

AAA Entertainment has partnered with local production company Vusion Media to
deliver the first season of the 13 part series to a local free to air broadcaster and to
several Brazilian satellite and free to air broadcasters.

The show is partly sponsored in Brazil by one of the major Cachaça brands and AAA
Entertainment is currently shopping the show to South African brands. Production on
the show is set to take place in the third quarter of 2016.


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