Haptics produces new onscreen ID for Nu Metro


After a six year-run for Nu Metro Cinemas’ current onscreen brand identity, the
Haptics Saber animation team has created the national cinema chain’s new
Corporate Identity (CI) utilising new 3D Stereoscopic techniques and special FX. This
fresh animated production from Haptics will start playing just before feature films in
all Nu Metro cinemas nationwide from October 2015.

“We have conceptualised and produced the new 3D Stereoscopic animation together
with powerful immersive 7.1 Digital Surround Sound for Nu Metro Cinemas…we
were inspired by the full range of cinematic visual effects that are now integral to a
movie’s story and appeal. Careful planning and choreography went into the
execution of the animation concepts to cover all audiences and genres of film,’
explains Don Searll from Haptics.

“Following their vast array of accolades across a distinguished client base, Nu Metro
Cinemas is proud to showcase our new CI – including new logo and brand colours –
with this ground-breaking animated production from Haptics. From
conceptualisation, to implementation of our client brief and execution, Haptics
delivered on all fronts. This is a concrete visualisation of the vision and evolution of
the new Nu Metro Cinemas brand, which was introduced just over a year ago,’
states Nitesh Matai, marketing executive for Nu Metro Cinemas.

Searll explains: “Our ideas for Nu Metro Cinemas were bold and innovative and in
this instance we utilised Bullet Time visual effects – a depth-enhanced simulation of
variable-speed action. It is characterised both by its extreme transformation of time
(slow enough to show normally imperceptible and “unfilmable’ events, such as flying
bullets) and space (by way of the ability of the camera angle — the audience’s
point-of-view — to move around the scene at a normal speed while events are
slowed); almost like a “virtual camera’, illustrated within the confines of a
computer-generated virtual world.’

Haptics’ award-winning 3D Stereoscopic computer animation-team combined
technological wizardry, CGI and 3D post-production to bring the concept to life.
Stereoscopic animation is a technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth
in an image by means of stereopsis or binocular vision. Digital 3D is the new
generation of entertainment with crisp, bright, extremely realistic images.

Nu Metro’s cinemas offer a premium digital 3D cinema experience with the latest
projection technology and screens. Scene Xtreme is the newest evolution within Nu
Metro Cinemas providing a total immersive cinema environment through Dolby
Atmos or Auro 11.1 sound, RealD’s new PWS screens, digital 3D technology as well
as 4K Ultra High Definition projection from Barco.

“At Haptics, our passion and hard work have earned us several awards and
accolades from our peers in the international CG community. We endeavour to
deliver outstanding, award-winning documented returns for our global clients,’
concludes Searll.


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