Sony Creative Software launches new media production package


Sony Creative Software has launched its newest media production package, Catalyst Production Suite™, which includes a new version of Catalyst Prepare™ and the brand-new Catalyst Edit™.

Available for both Mac OS X and Windows, the Catalyst Production Suite applications were designed from the ground up on a new, innovative, cross-platform code base to ensure unprecedented power and speed. Specifically, Catalyst Prepare 2.0 provides robust camera media backup, clip organisation, strong colour monitoring and adjustment, extensive metadata support, and powerful multichannel audio handling. Users can create a rough-cut storyboard in the field with a quick initial colour grade to jumpstart the editing and review process, then render it out directly, export an EDL for use in other post tools, or bring it into Catalyst Edit when the story builds to require multitrack editing power. The new Catalyst Edit 1.0 offers a focused, fast cutting environment for 4K, Sony RAW, and HD video.

The Catalyst Production Suite allows filmmakers, documentarians, news editors, and other content creators to access and use their camera’s wide colour gamut and high dynamic range. The Catalyst Production Suite fuses powerful media prep with lean, focused editing to complete production jobs quickly and effectively.

The new products are available for purchase at the Sony Creative Software website and resellers worldwide.


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