2015 Jameson First Shot winners announced


The three winners of the 2015 Jameson First Shot competition are preparing to fly to Los Angeles to bring their short film scripts to life with the expert help of Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, president of Trigger Street productions.

Travis Calvert from the US, Mark Middlewick from South Africa and Stephan Tempier from Canada have been chosen by the internationally acclaimed short film competition, which gives undiscovered filmmakers a real chance to break into the film industry. Following in the footsteps of Kevin Spacey, Willem Dafoe and Uma Thurman, this year the chosen three will be directing Academy Award winner, Adrien Brody as the lead in their films, all with the backing and expertise of award-winning production company, Trigger Street Productions. Adrien Brody commented, “Jameson First Shot affords talented writer/directors an important gift: the confidence to exercise fearlessness and the opportunity to materialise their dreams.’
US winner: Calvert’s script entitled The Library Book tells the story of a modest man’s encounter with a stern librarian while returning an overdue book to a failing library results.

Canada Winner: Tempier’s script entitled Boredom tells the story of Danny, a 40-year-old who chose to remain a child, no matter what anyone else thinks.

South Africa winner: Mark Middlewick’s script entitled The Mascot tells the story of Adam, the mascot for basketball team the Pittsburgh Pandas, who takes his part-time job very seriously, until he is fired and decides to confront the man that has replaced him.

A rigorous judging process led by Trigger Street, saw 1,750 contestants shortlisted to direct a short scene and submit a director’s treatment before the most compelling scripts were chosen.

Spacey commented, “If you’ve been successful at the career you wanted to have, it’s your obligation to spend a good proportion of your time sending the elevator back down. It’s not about where someone is in terms of their talent or accomplishments when they begin, it’s about where they might get in 10 years if they are encouraged, nurtured and guided.’

Brunetti added, “Where this can go, the possibilities are endless.’

Visit the Jameson First Shot Competition website for more information.


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