Autodesk acquires Tweak Software


Tweak Software, the developer of the RV image and sequence playback tool, has
been acquired by Autodesk and will be joining forces with Shotgun Software.

Effective immediately, the Tweak and Shotgun teams will work together to advance
review and collaboration technology in an effort to equip visual effects, games and
animation artists and supervisors with the tools they need. In addition to looking for
new avenues to further integrate RV, Shotgun and Autodesk tools, Tweak will
continue to develop, support and sell RV as an open and pipeline-agnostic tool.

Tweak developed the RV image and sequence viewer, which tens of thousands of
artists, production teams, and studios worldwide rely on every day. “If you make a
living creating images, you need an awesome tool to review them; knowing
playback speed is great, colour is spot on, and even things like stereo and high
frame rates will just work. That’s RV. And like us, the Tweak team comes out of
production, works closely with clients to build new tools, and is obsessed with
providing amazing client support,’ comments Shotgun’s senior director Don Parker.

Parker adds that if users have an existing Tweak support contract, their terms won’t
change with this acquisition and they will continue to be serviced by the Tweak
team as part of Autodesk. Their support team and tools will stay in place, and
they’ll continue to operate and communicate with all of their customers as part of


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