TASCAM DR60D MkII onset audio recording solution for DSLR usersMini


The DR-60DmkII is a portable recorder designed from the ground up to be the ideal
recorder for DSLR filmmakers.

The design of the DR-60DmkII contains a tripod mounting screw on top and socket
hole on the bottom, integrating perfectly with cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony,
and others. The camera output attenuates down to mic level before passing the
signal to the camera to prevent distortion. The new version includes an improved
microphone preamp for up to 64dB of gain and a smoother sound.

Key features include:
• Four-track WAV or BWAV recording up to 96kHz/24-bit
• Designed to attach to a DSLR camera with top and bottom tripod mounts
• Easy-to-use interface with switches instead of menus
• Dual record mode captures a safety track so there’s a backup in case of
• High-quality microphone preamps, analog/digital converters, and recording format
• Improved microphone preamp with up to 64dB of gain
• Camera output pads down to mic level so it doesn’t overload the camera
• Records to SD card media
• Individual headphone and line outputs
• Slate function plays a tone for easier synchronisation with camera audio
• Two XLR/1/4′ combination jacks plus stereo 1/8′ mini jack
• Powered via AA batteries or USB input.


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