Nigerian health channel endorsed by former president


Africa Health Television (AHTV) is the first 24 hour channel in Africa dedicated to
promoting and offering accurate information on good health. AHTV airs on Startimes,
GoTV and DaarSat and was recently endorsed by former Nigerian president, Chief
Olusegun Obasanjo.

The AHTV website describes its programming as a selection of credible, relevant and
timely health education shows which are culturally tailored and linguistically friendly.

According to the Nigerian tribune Dr. Chris Itabor, chairman of the channel’s medical
advisory board said the initiative was borne out of the need for African citizens to get
first-hand accurate and evidence-based health information which will help them take
the right decisions for their health.

“We have noticed over the years as medical practitioners that there exists a gap
between the knowledge people should have concerning their health and what they
actually have and this gap is reduced to wrong decision making. People who ordinarily
should not have died, find themselves passing on because they lack accurate
knowledge. So AH TV seeks to bring information about health to their door step, not
only in Nigeria but also in Africa. Information is power, information is life, ignorance is
one of the costliest things known to man,’ said Itabor.

Visit the Africa Health
Television website
for more information.


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