Junger Audio showcases new voice processor at IBC


Junger Audio, a German dynamics processing specialist, will feature the new
D*AP4 VAP voice processor at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC)
which takes place from 12 to 16 September in Amsterdam.

Peter Pors, CEO of Junger Audio says, “The D*AP4 VAP draws on our extensive
experience with previous Voice Processing devices such as our popular VO2, but
adds new tools and algorithms to create an easier and more efficient approach
to voice processing with no compromise in sound quality. “We have also
included processing such as HP/LP filtering, versatile dynamics section, full
parametric EQ and de-essing, and made the unit really easy to use – even for
non-technical radio staff such as producers and journalists.”

The voice processor caters to the needs of engineers working in radio stations,
TV production voice-over studios and feature film ADR facilities, allowing them to
easily deal with any changes in a performer’s voice. The unit enables consistent
sound by identifying tonal characteristics of an actor’s voice and, should there
be any vocal discrepancies from one day of recording to the next, automatically
adjusts the frequency until both voices match.

In addition, the processor includes Junger Audio’s exclusive Spectral Signature™
dynamic EQ, a new creative tool which provides automatic and dynamic EQ
control to balance spectral differences in real-time. The unit is able to
automatically apply dynamic EQ corrections to give a consistent sound by
analyzing incoming audio and comparing its spectrum with individually
predetermined voice fingerprints.

Radio broadcasters will also find the processor useful as it enables them to
create an aural identity for their stations. By using similar spectral sound
management principles, the unit measures the running program and uses the
station master sound fingerprint as a reference. The Spectral Signature
algorithm matches all different program elements to this reference signature,
thus creating a dedicated station sound.

A dedicated voice leveler combined with an auto-mixer circuit helps mix voice
programs into loudness-based broadcasting on the go. The unit can be
connected as either an insert into a mixing desk or as a stand-alone unit and
can also be used with an optional analogue board that adds two high quality

Visit the Junger Audio website for more


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