Leaked Pistorius video appears on Australian network


A video which was said to be shot by a US production company on behalf of
athlete Oscar Pistorius’s legal team has been leaked and broadcast on Channel
Seven in Australia.

Pistorius is currently on trial for the 2013 shooting and murder of his girlfriend
Reeva Steenkamp, which the paralympian claims was an act of self-defence
against who he believed to be an intruder.

The video portrays Pistorius re-enacting the events of the fatal evening in
question. In one shot he demonstrates running on his stumps while holding his
right arm out and in another he is seen carrying a woman from the bathroom
where the crime took place.

The athlete’s lawyers will be taking action against Channel Seven which
featured the video on Sunday Night, its current affairs program.

Brian Webber, Pistorius’s attorney said: “We are busy taking action against the
Australian media house. They have no right to broadcast the video. We will deal
with it accordingly.”


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