SA doccie screens in Stellenbosch in Western Cape


On Thursday 13 March at 20h00, South African documentary The Doctor and the Miracle Pill, which tells the story of comatose patients who wake up after being treated with a sleeping pill, screens at Cinemuse in Stellenbosch.

The film features the work of Dr Wally Nel, a general practitioner in Johannesburg who has treated hundreds of brain-injured patients all over the world with the sleeping pill Stilnox.

Though the manufacturing drug company does not support its sleeping pill being used in this way, there has been evidence of its effectiveness on brain injured-patients, the method of treatment has received the endorsement of the Steve Biko Academic Hospital’s Department of Nuclear Medicine, and has garnered the support of two accomplished professors of nuclear medicine.

The film was directed and produced by Rina Jooste and edited by Izette Mostert.

Visit YouTube to view the film trailer.


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