African films screen in Alabama in the US


Two short and three full-length award-winning African films will screen at The Bama Theatre in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the US as part of an initiative to expose Americans to the fast growing film industry in Africa.

The screenings are presented by Afram South, an organisation which informs and supports the African American community by creating awareness on social and health issues, and the Edward A. Ulzen Memorial Foundation, a philanthropic project in culturally sustainable tourism.

Bill Foster, director of programs for Afram South Inc., said: “We decided that we wanted to explore this whole menu of African films, which is an exploding art form on the continent of Africa.’

The three feature films being screened are White Wedding, Boneshaker and Alaskaland.

Boneshaker, directed by Ghanaian filmmaker Nuotama Frances Bodomo, tells the story of a Ghanaian family dealing with with life in America while trying to uphold their African traditions. The family embark on a trip to Louisiana, hoping to release the spirits they believe are hurting their daughter.

Written and directed by Jann Turner, White Wedding is a South African romantic comedy about a groom who goes on a road trip in preparation for his wedding day. An array of obstacles appear on the way to his happy ending in this feel-good story of love, commitment, intimacy and friendship.

A Nigerian-American brother and sister at odds are forced to reconnect in their hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska after a family tragedy takes place in Alaskaland. Directed by Chinonye Chukwu, the story examines the balance between cultural heritage and the pressures of a larger world.

Foster commented: “We’re hoping that these films will help people see the diversity of culture there is throughout the continent of Africa.

“International African TV is not available in the US. Africans know more about us than we do about them. We need to change that equation and become more culturally aware of people throughout the world. We live in one world, and we need to become more familiar with it.’

Visit: the AframSouth Inc. website for more information.


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