SABC saddened over passing of Madiba


The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has issued this statement
following the death of Nelson Mandela:

“The SABC joins the world in mourning the incredible loss of a global icon, a
noble peace prize laureate and champion for children’s rights, the former
president of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

The SABC Board, management and staff send their deepest condolences to his
family and friends during this difficult time. His undeniable commitment to
equality and humanity has transformed and touched the universe in an
unexplainable and remarkable manner.

His efforts to change South Africa to be a country that is loved and enjoyable by
all has resulted in a rainbow nation that is reflected today by the SABC. He
worked tirelessly with others to eradicate oppression and the chains that were
holding back South Africans and denying them the freedom they deserve.

Ms Zandile Tshabalala, the SABC’s Board Chairperson said, “The former president
had already begun the work long before his tenure as a president. He had an
ambition to transform South Africa into a democratic state. In the process he
became so selfless that he sacrificed his family and was incarcerated for 27

“This did not derail him from his plan in fighting the Apartheid government; he
came back much stronger and more determined so that we can have better
lives. Like the soldier he was, he fought until the very end and today we can
attribute our transformation to being a public service broadcaster to the
contribution he made.

“The SABC remains committed in leading and telling the Mandela story to the
world to preserve his legacy for generations to come, as we promote the pillars
he stood and fought for, which are education, health, peace, democracy, and

The SABC’s group chief executive officer, Ms Lulama Mokhobo stated, “Co-
incidentally on the day of his passing, the SABC in partnership with the Nelson
Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust, held a telethon to raise funds, and the
pledges received will go a long way in fulfilling his dream to build a children’s
hospital, which will serve the Southern African region.’

The GCEO further stated that “since the announcement was made, the SABC has
shelved all programmes for 48 hours to pay tribute to Madiba’.

We thank the Mandela family for sharing this legend with the world.’


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