SA TV star receives kidnapping threats


Third season winner of South Africa’s So You Think You Can Dance reality dance competition, Sibahle Tshibika, is yet to celebrate her achievement after being targeted by kidnappers, just a few days after the show finale took place in Johannesburg.

On returning to her Khayelitsha home in Cape Town, the 23-year-old was warned by family and community members that kidnappers were in pursuit of her R250 000 prize money and had threatened to hold Tshibika and other family members, including her daughter, at ransom for the winnings.

On Tuesday 12 November while in hiding, the family’s home was invaded by burglars, who stole a pair of shoes and a DVD player.

Still recovering from the sudden death of her grandmother, who died while watching the young dancer being announced as the show’s winner, Tshibika says: “I’m supposed to be at home, seeing that there’s been a death in the family, but I can’t even pay my respect to my grandmother. I am scared of attending prayer meetings at my own home. What if they come for me then?’

Show producers, Rapid Blue, are evaluating the circumstances as to provide security for the star and her family.


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