DStv subscribers react to blocked content


On Tuesday 12 November, DStv introduced the MGM channel to its bouquet of programs, however, to the frustration of DStv Premium subscribers, the channel will only be available to lower DStv packages.

The satellite pay-TV platform claimed the decision was made to avoid showing repeats, an issue they had previously received complaints about from customers.

Says MultiChoice: “As MGM contains library content that has already been seen by our Premium customers, a decision was made not to include this channel on the Premium package.”

The unprecedented decision has left Premium subscribers, who pay a more expensive fee and therefore feel they have a right to all available channels, up in arms.

“Will this now become a norm where DStv will block certain channels from DStv Premium subscribers? This was never the case in the past, so I do not see why it has to be now. I am a DStv Premium subscriber like many others and expect the very best DStv has to offer,” said DStv subscriber Gerald Umraw.

Another customer, Neldri Rabe, added: “Sorry but I don’t agree with this. If we don’t get all the channels as per what it should be – we are after all paying the premium rate – then you are going to start losing customers.”


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