African films stream to the world


Internet film subscription and streaming services will allow a global audience to view
African film and music content, which may otherwise never get formal distribution.

For a monthly fee of $5 (about R50), a wide collection of Nollywood films is available
from film-subscription service iROKOtv.

Dobox, a web-based pay-per-view video service, has a selection of African films
available to rent, stream or purchase and contains a library of current and popular
content – from movies, series and documentaries to cartoons, live events and music

Confusion Na Wa, 2013 Africa Movie Academy Award winner for best film, is among
the premium cinema releases available for viewing. Directed by Kenneth Gyang, the
story takes place on one day when the fates of different characters become
intertwined in a series of events that lead to love, friendship, confusion and

Some other recent titles in the collection include Tunde Kelani films: MAAMi, Arugba,
and The White Handkerchief; South African drama Otelo Burning and the animated
series African Tales.

View the subscription site, iROKOtv, here:

View the Dobox streaming service here:

View the trailer for Confusion Na Wa here:


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