Groundbreaking device launched


Zimele Broadcasting Services showcased the Simple R slomo tv, the smallest professional multichannel recording and replay system, at this year’s Mediatech Africa. This was the first time the product was shown in Africa.

There was overwhelming interest in the device that is just 1U in size and which weighs approximately 4.5kg. The slomo tv is a multi-channel recording, slow motion / instant replay and sports refereeing device. Its features comprise three channels in, two channels out dissolvable / simultaneous search on all three channels with a recording capability of 33 hours HD video on the internal SSD Drive (optional up to 125 hours).

“The slomo tv was originally developed for refereeing purposes for ice hockey in Russia and is adaptable to any live sport event. Slomo tv replay is necessary when referees have to make decisions to determine scores,’ said Casper Klopper, CEO of Zimele Broadcasting Services (Pty) Ltd. “We decided to bring slomo tv to the South African market because, as a system integrator, we see the need for new and innovative solutions.’

A representative of slomo tv commented that although there are some other established players in the market, slomo tv’s technology is newer and easier to handle. According to him the device has more functions and costs significantly less than its competitors.

Kloppers said: “Slomo tv is ideal for emerging markets and fits like a hand in a glove in markets with cost restraints.’ Apart from being much lighter than its traditional counterparts that weigh in at 40kg, slomo tv uses SSD drives which makes it more robust and super fast.

“It offers a wide range of multi-channel recording and replay systems for any need of the modern broadcaster, all at very competitive pricing,’ concluded Klopper.
Slomo tv made its international debut at IBC in Amsterdam last year and was heralded as a ground-breaking device.


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