Ster-Kinekor rolls out a new era in cinema


Ster-Kinekor has announced that its nine cinemas at East Rand Mall, east of Johannesburg, are showcasing the latest in global cinema technology. This is as a result of a major investment into enhancing the way South African audiences watch cinema.

According to Fiaz Mahomed, CEO of Ster-Kinekor Theatres, a new era in cinema viewing is now a reality. “Ster-Kinekor is currently undertaking a massive roll-out campaign to revolutionise movie-viewing by converting all 438 of our cinemas to the latest in digital technology by the end of this year. As such, we are spearheading the advancement of cinema viewing as we upgrade each one of our existing sites.

“In line with this national evolution, I am pleased to report that the full digital conversion of all nine cinemas at one of our most popular sites in Gauteng, the East Rand Mall, is now complete, and ready to be enjoyed by our loyal moviegoing audience on the East Rand.’

With the latest technological advancements, the entire cinema viewing experience is undergoing a profound change. The picture quality is heightened while the state-of-the-art surround sound greatly enhances the overall viewing experience, as each cinema now comes standard with the very latest projection and audio equipment.

Upgrading the cinemas brings with it yet another plus for movie lovers. “We already screen blockbuster releases on the same day as their international release date (such as The Wolverine), and sometimes even before the USA (for example The Avengers in 2012). However, the ease of digital projection will give us the opportunity to expand this to medium and more niche film titles. Digital technology has profoundly changed the face of the industry, ensuring that our customers “see it best’ and “see it first’ on our big screens,’ says Mahomed.

“This technology does a number of things: it delivers an image that’s crisper, sharper and more realistic. It also ensures realistic sound clarity. When sound and vision combine with this new technology, the experience for the audience is truly astonishing. It’s a feast for the eye, ear and imagination that simply cannot be rivaled by any other film screening technology.

“When you see a movie using digital technology, you see that movie the way its creators intended you to see it. It is an exciting evolution in cinema in South Africa, and I am excited to be a part of the dedicated and professional team that is making it happen,’ concludes Mahomed.

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