Art events created for cinema screen in SA


A series showcasing the world’s greatest fine art exhibitions uniquely created for cinema audiences, releases exclusively at Cinema Nouveau on 20 July beginning with Manet: Portraying Life. in association with Seventh Art Productions and BY Experience announce EXHIBITION, a series of ground-breaking art events created for the cinema. EXHIBITION will connect major international art exhibitions to millions of art lovers across 30 countries.   

The series will launch in South Africa exclusively at the four Cinema Nouveau theatres. The first production in the series is Manet: Portraying Life from the Royal Academy of Arts in London. 

Manet will be followed on 14 September with Munch 150 from the National Museum & Munch Museum in Oslo and on 26 October with Vermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure from the National Gallery in London. 

EXHIBITION will offer an unprecedented opportunity for audiences to experience the finest masterpieces of art from the world’s foremost galleries. The series aims to give art lovers of all ages the opportunity to enjoy and more deeply understand the works of some of history’s most beloved painters.

Featuring major exhibitions from world famous artists, each cinema event will capture and explore these important shows, going behind the scenes to bring a wealth of masterpieces to audiences via state-of-the-art digital cinema technology. Tim Marlow, noted art historian and broadcaster, along with special guests, will guide theatre audiences through each exhibition and will deliver unique insights into the lives and inspirations of the artists.

Manet: Portraying Life will be available in South Africa at Cinema Nouveau theatres for four screenings only. 

The exhibition consists of more than 50 works. Among them are portraits of Manet’s most frequent sitters and scenes from everyday life revealing Manet’s progressive, modern approach.

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