Countdown to Spud 2 begins


At last night’s premiere of Spud 2 at Montecasino in Johannesburg, John “Spud’ Milton (Troye Sivan) and the rest of the Crazy Eight were in attendance to add more dazzle to the night’s proceedings.

Producer Ross Garland, writer and director Donovan Marsh and John van de Ruit (on whose books the movies are based), all addressed the audience and thanked the cast and crew for their dedication and passion during filming.

True to his sense of humour, Van de Ruit said: “Ross phoned me after reading Spud and said, whatever you do, not to sell the movie rights to Anant Singh. And obviously I did not.’

John Cleese took to the stage as well, doing a great rendition of a South African accent, and also expressing his enthusiasm about the movie. Soon after, viewers were treated to the film, which releases nationwide on Friday 21 June 2013.

Spud 2 also stars Genna Blair (Mermaid), Jason Cope (Sparerib), Jeremy Crutchley (The Glock), Charlbi Dean Kriek (Amanda) and Rob van Vuuren, among others. Lance Gewer was in charge of cinematography while Megan Gill edited the movie.

Read more about Spud 2 in the July issue of Screen Africa.

The movie is distributed nationally by Nu Metro.

Filming of Spud 3 commences soon in Cape Town.

Report by Martie Bester


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