Speeding up radio journalism in the field


Tieline, the Codec Company, today announced a strategic partnership with market-leading content management solution provider NETIA, which includes the integration of Report-IT Enterprise with NETIA’s software solutions for managing and broadcasting radio content. This partnership delivers improved workflows to both Tieline and NETIA customers for ingest of news content and enhanced tools for mobile journalists in the field.

Both organisations worked closely with one of their mutual customers, ABC Australia, to integrate the ingest of recorded Report-IT audio files into NETIA’s Radio-Assist using FTP sharing. Tieline has also integrated iSnippet, NETIA’s latest Radio-Assist editing tool, into Report-IT Enterprise for iPhone/iPad.

“Clearly Tieline’s partnership with NETIA opens up an entirely new world of opportunities for mobile journalism by making it easier and faster for journalists to get their stories to air via NETIA Radio-Assist systems. Journalists now also have access to improved and streamlined report editing capabilities with the integration of NETIA’s iSnippet editing application into Report-IT Enterprise for iPhone and iPad,” said Charlie Gawley, vice president of sales, APAC/EMEA for Tieline. “For engineers and all radio news stakeholders, this will deliver improved workflows which reduce time, effort, and costs.”

The range of editing tools available within Radio-Assist automation products is now available for iOS devices. Sharing the same look and ergonomic principles as the desktop interface, the new iPhone- and iPad-compatible iSnippet tool allows field reporters and other remote users to enjoy Radio-Assist audio editing capabilities — familiar from the desktop — on their portable devices.

“As the world moves increasingly towards the use of mobile devices, we are delighted to work with Tieline to deliver broadcast solutions on portable devices to bring a new level of flexibility for news operators working remotely,” said Paul Henri Oltra, vice president and chief technology officer at NETIA.

The Report-IT Enterprise application for iPhone and iPad allows reporters and announcers to send live broadcast-quality IP audio wirelessly from any remote location to a Tieline IP codec in the studio. Report-IT can also broadcast live and record at the same time, so audio can be sent in real time to a Tieline codec in the studio, or uploaded via FTP sharing to a news server with no codec required in the studio.


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