Waging war against rhino poachers


Animal Planet’s three-part series, Battleground: Rhino Wars, is produced by South African company Aquavision TV and NHNZ (Natural History New Zealand) for Animal Planet and documents the devastation in the Greater Kruger area of South Africa caused by ruthless rhino poaching syndicates who kill up to 500 rhinos a year, as well as dozens of game rangers, to meet the worldwide demand for rhino horn.

According to TVWorld.com, the series shows how four current and former members of the US Special Ops (Navy SEALs and a Green Beret) have been recruited and brought in to help the anti-poaching corps in the Kruger Park. The Americans impart their anti-insurgency and guerilla-warfare skills to the bush warfare expertise of anti-poaching unit Quemic – led by Dap Maritz and Li Lotriet.

Battleground: Rhino Wards begins its broadcast on Animal Planet on 7 March.

Maria Baltazzi and Peter Lamberti are the executive producers for Aquavision. For Animal Planet, Erin Wanner is the executive producer, and Hilary Tholen is the associate producer. The series was developed by Animal Planet’s Charlie Foley, Kurt Tondorf and Todd Weiser.


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