Making an “Impackt’ in the edit


Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, has introduced Impackt from Luca Visual FX to FxFactory. A plugin pack designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X, Impackt is a collection of over 30 stylish transitions that provide editors with a wide range of dynamic and striking effects.

Transitions come with a multitude of simple-to-use parameters, allowing editors to create unique effects to fit virtually any type of project. Impackt is available now through FxFactory.

Luca Visual FX Impackt Transitions include: abstraction which allows the user to create an original and unusual wipe by customising abstract round shapes that gradually reveal the incoming clip; chroma spin which creates beautiful spinning chromatic effects and rotating shapes in order to achieve a dramatic impact; digital TV glitch which emulates the typical digital glitches that occur in modern TV sets when the signal is weak; frame slip – a transition inspired by flipbooks to create a dramatic horizontal shift of frames; image rip: The outgoing clip rips apart to reveal the incoming one while displaying the typical irregular edge resulting from the action; and many other features.


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