Zambezia releases in Russia


Adventures in Zambezia, the first animated feature film produced by Cape Town-based Triggerfish Animation Studios, opened in Russia last week on over 800 screens in 150 cities across the country, reportedly the widest release ever for a locally produced film.

Stuart Forrest, Producer and CEO at Triggerfish, says: “This is amazing news for a small studio like ours and a great opportunity to showcase to the world what South Africa is capable of. Our film is competing on the world-stage alongside those of the major studios.’

The film is entering its eighth week of release in Israel where it has achieved over 60,000 admissions, another record for a locally produced film. “I’m excited about the reception our film has received in Israel and Russia and the enthusiasm shown by our distributors,’ says Forrest, “it’s clear that people are ready for a fresh creative voice outside of the major studio system.’

Adventures in Zambezia’s next release is in Germany on 30 August on over 300 screens, with characters played by famous German comedian, Paul Panzer, and Kaya Yanar.

It is the first theatrical release from Triggerfish. Their second film, Khumba, is nearing completion and the studio has a third film in development.


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