Culture clash in new Madea movie


Comedy Madea’s Witness Protection will release at Ster-Kinekor Theatres across the country from 31 August. This is the seventh film by Tyler Perry that the audacious, no-nonsense Madea will feature in, bringing a bold new kind of grandmother to big screen.

When George Needleman, a high-powered banker in New York, is accused of defrauding investors, he finds himself sucked into the mob world where his life is in serious danger. He and his family are placed in the witness protection program, sent to the one place where no mobster will ever find them.

Starring Eugene Levy and Denise Richards, Madea’s Witness Protection is a hilarious culture clash as the family move into Madea’s house to hide from hitmen. Thrown out of their comfort zones into the in-your-face grandmother’s life, the Needlemans must decide if facing dangerous criminals might be saner than living with Madea. Similarly Madea and brother Uncle Joe, played by Perry, must manage the completely dysfunctional Connecticut family, whipping them into shape with tough love that often results in jaw-dropping comedy.

Perry’s trademark themes of raucous comedy and emotional upliftment do not fail in Madea’s Witness Protection. Ster-Kinekor Theatres audiences can witness on the big screen how beneath the laughs, a family can come together to change their lives for the better.

This is the first time that the director has broken away from the Southern family boundaries. “I knew I wanted to have a fish-out-of water story. I wanted to put her in a whole new situation,’ Perry explained.

“We all had so much fun on this movie poking fun at the differences between us as people while at the same time being respectful. The characters clash over everything: the way the Needlemans raise children, the way Madea raises children, what she cooks, what they eat. There was potential for comedy everywhere,’ he added.

Madea’s Witness Protection is rated 10 ML.


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