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Leading provider of video transcoding and workflow automation solutions Telestream will feature new high-performance transcoding products for the creation and delivery of Over-The-Top (OTT) multiscreen content, Vantage GPU acceleration, a new video replay and analysis system for sports and live events, plus powerful partner integration and partner opportunities, at IBC.

New Vantage Multiscreen transcoding software combines with Telestream’s new Lightspeed server to accelerate video transcoding and packaging for OTT multiscreen, web and mobile delivery.

Vantage Multiscreen addresses the unique requirements of adaptive bitrate (ABR) production and packaging by automating the entire process of source file decoding, video image processing, parallelised H.264 encoding, packaging, encryption and archiving. The Lightspeed server is architected for acceleration of video processing and H.264 encoding on parallel GPUs and multicore CPUs to produce the highest quality images at the fastest possible speed.

The new Vantage Multiscreen Pro bundle combines Vantage Multiscreen software, the new Telestream Lightspeed server, and Vantage Transcode Pro software to provide the most powerful and complete video transcoder solution on the market.

New Vantage Transcode 4.0 features will also be demonstrated. Advanced video processing includes 16-bit 4:4:4:4 YUV image quality, vastly improved up / down / cross conversion and de-interlacing. New support for the x264 codec for high-quality H.264 transcoding, plus support for broadcast and sports file formats includes AS02.

Vantage also expands its workflow automation capabilities with CALM Act loudness control, web caption support, greater support for Avid production workflows, and Screen MediaMate subtitling and captioning workflows.

Telestream’s new Pipeline Replay system will make its IBC debut. Developed for NASCAR’s 2012 racing season, the NASCAR Pipeline Replay project was named as a finalist in the IBC2012 Innovation Awards.

Screen Africa magazine – August 2012


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