Cameras roll on Spud 2


Production of the big screen adaptation of the second Spud book – Spud: The Madness Continues – is underway. The highly-anticipated sequel to 2010’s Spud is now filming, with Donovan Marsh returning to the director’s chair.

Following the remarkable success of the first film, producer Ross Garland couldn’t wait to get the second novel in John van de Ruit’s hugely successful series on film. “The first film did really well, topping the box office during the summer holidays in 2010. The movie has also received significant international interest, with sales to the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Scandinavia, Turkey and the Middle East,’ says Garland. “We’ve had significant support from a pool of local investors for the sequel, illustrating South Africa’s strong affection for the Spud series’.

British screen legend John Cleese returns for Spud 2 as The Guv, the eccentric English teacher. South African-born star Troye Sivan is also back in the title role, along with Jason Cope as malicious housemaster Sparerib, Tanit Phoenix as the seductive Eve, Jeremy Crutchley as headmaster Mr Glockenshpeel and Aaron McIlroy and Julie Summers as Spud’s mad parents. The rest of the Crazy 7 (minus Gecko, of course) return as well: Sven Ruygrok (Rambo); Josh Goddard (Mad Dog); Tom Burne (Vern); Byron Langley (Simon); Travis Hornsby (Boggo) and Blessing Xaba (Fatty). And who could forget Spud’s love interests? Genna Blair is back as Debbie “The Mermaid’, Charlbi Kriek returns to taunt Spud as Amanda and Alex McGregor is the unhinged Christine.

Co-producer Brad Logan has been working hard casting some of the new roles in Spud 2, with the three prefects Anderson, Emberton and Death Breath, a highlight. “It’s been great to unveil some new talent, with a few perfect character actors coming in to play the new parts. We’ve also very lucky to have a comedy genius like Rob Van Vuuren for example playing a cameo at the Midlands festival,’ he says.

The sequel to the box office smash Spud is again distributed by Nu Metro Films. Driki Mitchell adds: “Nu Metro Films is proud to have acquired Spud 2 – The Madness Continues, and look forward to follow on the theatrical success of the first Spud instalment. We are excited to continue our involvement and amplifying the commercial potential of this beloved franchise at South African cinemas.

The film is also financed by the Department of Trade and Industry and the National Film and Video Foundation.

Spud 2: The Madness Continues is produced by Rogue Star Films and co-produced by BLM Productions.


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