Focus on infection control


On 21 June Siyayinqoba Beat It! will deal with stopping the spread of infection in South African hospitals, clinics and at home. Siyayinqoba Beat It! is broadcast on SABC1 Thursdays at 1.30pm and produced by Community Media Trust in partnership with SABC Education.

In this week’s episode a young woman in KwaZulu Natal speaks about how she infected her child with TB because the child slept in the same bed as her. A member of the Department of Health’s team who conducted an audit of all health facilities in the country speaks about the many hospitals and clinics that fail when it comes to cleanliness and infection control. She explains what the Department of Health is doing to fix this situation.

Siyayinqoba Beat It! is a weekly TV show for everyone living with HIV and AIDS, as well as their partners, families, friends and care givers. Since 1999 the show has provided a platform for people living with AIDS to share their challenges and victories. Many people living in isolation with HIV find that through Siyayinqoba Beat It! they are part of a vibrant and growing community of people who are meeting and beating the challenges of AIDS. 


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