Deloitte takes on Racheltjie de Beer


Deloitte Media & Entertainment, the executive producers behind Spud and the 2011 hit movie Semi Soet, have come on board to assist with raising the finance for local film The Story of Racheltjie de Beer. Brett Michael Innes, the writer behind both the script and the novel, signed the contract at their Sandton offices on Friday before rushing off to the Voortrekker Monument to meet with local historians to discuss the story.

“This is a big day for the film.’ says Innes. “For months I’ve been developing the project and slowly but surely the right doors have opened to get us to this point in the production.’

“This story just wants to be told.’ says Judy Prins from Deloitte Media & Entertainment. “The energy and excitement around the project is undeniable and we look forward to adding another successful film to our local cinema’s and DVD collections.’

The next few months will be spent finalising the budget and schedule, securing locations and crew and, towards the end of the year, auditioning children for the lead roles of Racheltjie and her younger brother.

Added to this, a novel based on the screenplay will hit the shelves in early August and the publishers, Naledi, have high hopes for the book. The novel will be made available in both Afrikaans and English in both print and electronic formats.

“We’ve done this completely back to front.’ says Innes. “Write a script and then publish a book based on that script before the film even heads into production. It just goes to show that there are no rules when it comes to telling a story.’


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