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The SoundScapes sound studio, part of the Keystone group of companies, recently did music production, recording, mixing and created a music video for South African band the Tim Hendricks Project.

According to Keystone’s Jonathan le Roux, the Tim Hendricks Project used almost all the elements within Keystone – studio facilities as well as audio, lighting, staging and video production services.

“We partnered up with Woodlands Avenue Studios for a music video for the song Release Me,’ says Le Roux. “However, the music and video editing and post-production work was done by The SoundScapes. Spacelight (also part of Keystone) photographed the whole process, we used Keystone Studios photographic studio to shoot in, plus all the sound, stage and lighting came from Keystone Gear.’

Le Roux notes that this makes Keystone Productions unique. “We’re a new age company. The industries have changed, and companies like us offer a broad range of services in one place that change the way things are done. Before, when you wanted to record sound, you could only do that. Now you can record sound, do a photo shoot for the CD or DVD cover in the photographic studio, record behind the scenes video in the video studio and use lights and sound equipment from Keystone Gear for staging. We can facilitate the whole production here, as we did with the Tim Hendricks Project.’

The SoundScapes specialises in audio post-production and is managed by Telmo dos Reis. “We do final mix (TV), radio adverts, sound design and voice-over recordings,’ explains Le Roux. “Dos Reis recently created the intro sequence music for the new SABC2 Morning Live show. The sequence music will go on air when Morning Live launches their new look and feel. This includes all the bumpers music too,’ he notes.

Dos Reis and The SoundScapes also wrote a song, intro sequence music and bumpers for the SABC’s Africa Day celebrations in 2011.


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