Music in synch


Synchro Music is an independent South African music publisher whose main source of business is the 31 top International Production Music catalogues they sub-publish in this territory, as well as their own pure South African production music catalogue called African Planit, and an African sound effects library.

“Production music libraries are catalogues of music that are used in TV, radio and corporate productions as background or mood music,’ explains creative director Louise Bulley. “We have many genres of this music available in our libraries.

“All the music is available online or offline on a hard drive with a great search engine, which makes it easier for the editor to find the track or tracks he is looking for and to lay music to each production before the project goes to final mix. This reduces production time as well as the frustration of changing the music before the right piece is found for the scene.

“With the search engine one can limit the search or define it as much as you would like to get the right sound for your production. In other words, one can narrow it down to certain instruments, genres or descriptive moods that you are looking for to suit a scene. You just type in what you are looking for and the search engine does the rest.

“We are very passionate about what we do,’ concludes Bulley “and always available to our clients.’

By Andy Stead

Screen Africa magazine – May 2012


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