Live graphics boost


At NAB Harris Corporation introduced two breakthrough systems for demanding live broadcast graphics that boost creativity and productivity for on-air broadcast and other video productions across all budgets.

The new Inscriber G8 and TitleOnes AE real-time graphics production systems share a design philosophy that leverages next-generation hardware platforms for advanced graphics processing and increased storage performance – maximising ease of use and operational efficiency. Both support proven, mature graphics production workflows for off-line and on-air graphics creation, graphics template and database management and automation control.

Inscriber G8 is built for high-end graphics creation and provides uncompressed imagery and unprecedented graphics and animation capabilities. It offers real-time creation and execution of the high-calibre, complex 3D graphics and animations that today’s live news, sports and special events demand.

The tool uses an Intel Xeon E5 processor and NVIDIA Quadro 4000 professional graphics processing unit (GPU) to significantly reduce channel hardware density for a greatly reduced footprint (2RU), lower power consumption and improved performance and clip playback scalability.

Inscriber TitleOne AE shares many of Inscriber G8’s sophisticated graphics creation features and real-time single-channel HD/SD or SD-only 2D-in-3D graphics. TitleOne AE offers excellent price performance for a wide range of applications, with capabilities that exceed those found in its price category.

Screen Africa magazine – May 2012


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