Ireland, “tiger mums’ on Carte Blanche


On Sunday 8 April Carte Blanche will highlight the impact of the European financial crisis on Ireland and meet Britain’s “tiger mums’.

In Dicing With Debt by producers Marian Wilkinson and Mary Ann Jolley (ABC), Carte Blanche will report on “the private pain of Europe’s very public debt crisis’ by detailing the private sector debt binge and bailout of Ireland, one of Europe’s smallest countries.

Meet Britain’s Tiger Mums by producer Hanna Berryman (BBC) will introduce Carte Blanche viewers to the concept of “tiger mums’, outlined in the book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Yale law professor Amy Chua. She writes proudly of the politically incorrect way in which she raises her children “Chinese style’. The book revealed the derision with which some Asian parents regard many aspects of Western parenting.

Carte Blanche airs on pay-TV channels M-Net (DStv channel 101) and M-Net HD (DStv channel 170) on Sundays at 7pm.


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