Dangarembga film at Luxor


MARTIN CHEMHERE writes…Zimbabwean Tsitsi Dangarembga’s latest film release, Nyaminyami Amaji Abulozi, the second part of the Kare Kare Zvako musical folk tale series, has been selected for competition at the first edition of the Luxor African Film Festival (21 to 28 February) in Egypt.

Says Dangarembga: “The film is competing for the Greater Nile award for the best film in the festival. It continues to attract interest since its premiere during the 10th edition of IIFF in Zimbabwe last year.’

In the film the Tonga peoples’ revered Nyaminyami River God takes on a human form and proceeds to rid the land of the hunger that has allowed evil to run rampant.

Dangarembga continues to produce groundbreaking films including Everyones Child, I want a Wedding Dress, Sharing Day, Growing Stronger and Mother’s Day. She will be traveling to Egypt for the screening of her film during the festival.

Luxor African Film Festival is run by the Independent Shabab Foundation, an expression of the new found artistic freedom in post-revolution Egypt and aims to consolidate filmmaking, capacity building and networking in Africa.

It partners with Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Luxor Governorate and the pan-African cultural organisation AfricAvenir.


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