Rebrand for local music channel


Orijin, one of South Africa’s leading broadcast design groups, recently rebranded the on-air imaging of South African music channel and part of the DStv pay-TV bouquet, MK.

According to Leon Schoeman, creative director at Orijin, the company has worked with MK since its inception. “In fact, Orijin originally created the name, logo and first on-air look and feel of the channel, together with the MK team,’ says Schoeman.
The latest rebrand was about two months ago and involved creating around 40 animated “idents’ to communicate the visual “vibe’ of the channel.

“This was created using the latest software and capabilities of 3D particle animation. The aim was to create a distinctive design style for the channel which speaks of its individuality and fearless spirit,’ says Schoeman.

He notes that they had to break some broadcast design rules to achieve this.

“We decided to design and create certain 3D objects and render them out in different 3D software packages and interestingly, we “guided’ the software to recognise the objects in a unique and different way. We then brought these strange interpretations back into 3D Studio Max and After Effects for final completion. The results were fascinating — these 3D objects almost became works of art,’ says Schoeman.

The channel design won three World Gold awards at the recent PROMAX international broadcast design awards held in New York.
Orijin also partnered with PenQuin International recently to create the second locally produced TVC and the first locally produced, fully animated TVC for Sony Ericsson.

According to Bron Dean, creative director and producer at Orijin’s Johannesburg branch, many agencies have taken their high-end post and animation work overseas, which puts immense strain on their budgets and ability to deliver on deadline.

“They have recently realised that there are a few companies right here in South Africa that can deliver to the same, and sometimes better, levels that they have grown accustomed to abroad. Working with these local companies allows smoother workflow and tighter control on delivery, within more reasonable budgets and time-frames. I hope we see more animated commercials and longer form material originating from South African studios as the more we do, the better the industry will get,’ notes Dean.


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