Jozi on O Sessions in July


Jozi will hit the O Sessions stage on Channel O with a fusion of Kwaito and Muthaland Crunk on Thursday 7 July at 7pm, following two months that saw the programme feature Pro, as well as Guz legends TKZee.

Jozi is made up of Ishmael Morabe (aka Ishmiza) and Lesley Mampe (aka Da L.E.S).

According to a statement, “the Jozi boys are the complete package as they are able to deliver one of the best stage acts on the local scene.  Mr Freshtodef himself Da L.E.S brings rap swag while Ishmiza holds it down on the vocals, which he has been known to do since the early 1990s within groups like P.O.C and Skeem.’

O Session will unearth the attributes of these two multi-talented artists and delve into their solo careers. As Jozi, they will perform tracks like “Wildlife’, “Diva’ and “Gotta Keep it Going’ and will treat fans to an exclusive performance of the track “Africans Worldwide’, which is a tribute to the people of Africa.      

 Still to come on O Sessions is Slikour in August.

O-Sessions Jozi repeat dates:

8 July (16h00 – 17h00)

10 July (12h00 – 13h00)

13 July (12h00 – 13h00)

23 July (19h00 – 20h00)

27 July (20h00 – 21h00)


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