The dangerous games kids play


On Friday, 27 May on SABC2 at 10.50pm Ratanang, The Parenting Club shares a father’s story about losing his child to the “choking’ game, where young people strangle or choke each other to see how long they pass out. A 16-year old who participates in these games and an expert analyse and give tools to parents on how to handle this serious situation.

Produced by Whatwewant for SABC Education, Ratanang, The Parenting Club offers solutions and gives parents the means to cope with raising children and the challenges in today’s society.

Children who play dangerous games are like a secret society, they always cover for each other. Recently two teenagers were in the news because they died from “huffing’, where kids inhale aerosol for a quick high. Huffing can cause heart failure.

Ratanang, The Parenting Club makes young people aware of the consequences and dangers of certain games that they play. This episode makes parents aware of these games and provides the know-how to detect whether children are involved in them. If parents know when and how these games are played they can protect their children.


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