Cape Town film tariffs update


The City of Cape Town has approved Film Tariffs which are applicable until 30 June 2011.

According to Terence Isaacs, head of the Film and Events Permit Office at the City of Cape Town, tariffs for city owned locations continue to be reduced by 100% – ie. no charge. “Exceptions are for filming at the locations administered by the Bulk Water Department and at City Nature reserves where over and above the stipulated entrance fee, a conservation levy will be charged for permissible commercial activity.

“In terms of the City’s By-Law relating to Filming (2005) – all film shoots on or utilising Council land film-related activity requires a film permit. We request that the continued reduction in film location tariffs be used positively by the industry to achieve inter alia: the intended goals of promoting the industry and Cape Town as a film destination and for much needed skills development in the industry.’

Further, the City will continue to monitor the implementation and impact of this reduction on the use of city locations, eg. "block booking" of locations, overuse/abuse of various film locations, as well as on affected communities.

Isaacs reports that the Film Permit Office has not been successful in motivating the retention of the 2009/10 tariff rates for parking and other services such as Traffic and Metro Police. “In the current constrained financial climate, these City Services have been unable to absorb the actual/subsidised costs differential (especially in respect of overtime costs),in order to retain the previous subsidies to the film industry without passing these on to ratepayers."

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