Videovision acquires local film


Attack of The Indian Werewolfwhich was shot in Durban by local filmmaker, Masood Boomgaard has been acquired by Videovision Entertainment. said the company’s director of acquisition, Sanjeev Singh.  The film which will have its World Premiere at the Durban International Festival on Sunday, 25 July 2010, marks the feature directorial debut of Boomgaard.

Attack of The Indian Werewolf  is a cheerfully irreverent spoof on the werewolf and horror genres.  It follows an electronics store clerk who transforms into a werewolf after eating the mystical jadoo bean.  The cops are stumped as the brutalised corpses mount up and it is left to an intrepid journalist to try and cure the hapless werewolf.  The film has a uniquely Durban flavour and stars popular radio jock, Neville Pillay. Boomgaard also wrote and co-produced the film.

Commenting on the acquisition of the film by Videovision Entertainment, Boomgaard said, “It is a privilege to be associated with Videovision Entertainment.  They have a great track record as a production and distribution company.  For us it is even more significant as they are a Durban-based company that is backing our film which was produced entirely in Durban with local actors and crew.’

Sanjeev Singh commented, “We are delighted to have acquired Attack of The Indian Werewolf and to be supporting locally produced films.  Despite the limited budget of the film, Masood Boomgaard has created a really funny spoof on the werewolf genre films which shows his talent and resourcefulness as a director.’

Attack of The Indian Werewolf  stars Neville Pillay, Sanjeev Singh, Kajal Maharaj, Mahmood Docrat, Avashnee Vandiar and AK Khan.  It is co-produced by Ashan Rampal and is produced, written and directed by Masood Boomgaard. The filmis scheduled to be released later this year.


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