Wildest Africa doc explores natural wonders


A 13-part HD series Wildest Africa was distributed by Off the Fence (OTF) at MIPTV. It examines the natural wonders of the continent, such as the Zambezi River and the Sahara Desert, and investigates how man is threatening the ecology of these areas.

The first four episodes of the show are being co-funded by UKTV’s Eden, Oasis HD, Arte and ZDF Enterprises. Executive producers are Ellen Windemuth and Allison Bean for OTF; James Makawa for Africa HD; Matt Williams, David McFadzean and Dete Meserve for Wind Dancer; Britta Troester for ZDF; and John Pannikar for Oasis HD.

A new documentary series about Africa’s diverse ecosystems will also be produced by US-based Africa HD and Wind Dancer Films and distributed by OTB


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