Canal 3 Benin Joins Globe Cast Platform


Canal 3 Benin has joined the GlobeCast platform on Astra 4A (Sirius 4) at 5ºE.  This privately-owned channel joins other key regional and international broadcasters on the platform, such as Vox Africa, Canal 2 International, LMTV and Waladjiri.

GlobeCast receives Canal 3’s signal via satellite in C band at its Paris technical operations centre.  The feed is then uplinked to GlobeCast’s sub-Saharan Africa distribution platform on the Astra 4A satellite.  Once on the satellite, the channel can be received in Ku-Band direct to millions of homes in over 30 countries, with antennas as small as 90cm. GlobeCast also offers the channel a web streaming service for its internet site. 

For Canal 3 Benin, the international distribution of its channel provides an opportunity to share its country with the rest of the world, including its socioeconomic, artistic and economic realities as well as tourism information.  It also allows the channel to foster and build business relationships.


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