Musical Memory Lane for FNB Commercial


Metropolitan Republic recently launched a new series of FNB television commercials and Adam Howard of Howard Music was commissioned to compose the original music for the spots.

The entire brand campaign is a series of title ads with only words being flashed onto the blank screen for the direction of each advertisement.

The ad, “Remember’, is the first Sepedi Commercial ever to be flighted on television. The ad takes the audience on a journey down memory lane, referencing some of the most memorable hairstyles from the 80’s with their vernacular slang names. For example, “Chicco-style’, coined after the hairstyle of the local singer, or “perm’ flash onto the screen. Also mentioned is the unforgettable 80’s local comedy horror, “Lesilo’

“We played around with a few styles of music and, even though Kwela originated prior to the 80’s, we all agreed that it suited the commercial, as it was the root for several 80’s township styles,’ says Adam.

“Once all the musicians had been recorded, the trick was to make the track sound authentic. A few EQ and compression effects helped give the track that authentic period sound.’


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