Black People Don’t Swim


“When white people dance they swim, when black people swim, they drown.’ These are the opening lines for the youthful surfing documentary, Black People Don’t Swim which will be screened this Sunday at 9pm on SABC2

The film focuses on the life of Kwezi Qika, and 18-year old from Ocean View, a township in Cape Town with no view of the Ocean. Instead Ocean View is known for it’s a predominant culture of gangsterism and drugs. The first time Kwezi got onto a surf board, he could not swim. But, this did not stop him.

Lucilla Blankenberg produced and directed this 48 minute Idol Pictures production.  Blackenberg has always wanted to tell stories and found documentary film as her ideal medium.  As a member of Idol Pictures she has made several films about aspects of South African society. She is also director of Siyayinqoba Beat It!, the weekly educational TV show on SABC 1.


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