Botswana film industry ready to go


If recent happenings are anything to go by, Botswana is also set to establish its own solid film industry, according to a report by Modiri Mogende in The Botswana Gazette.

“After years of only wildlife filming taking place in the country and the filming of Alexander McCall Smiths’ Number 1 Lady’s Detective wrapping up in 2007, a lot of young Batswana with much interest in film-making have decided to take up the camera to showcase their production and acting skills.

“Local movies produced and acted out by Batswana such as “Rra Dijo’, Chobolo, Ramco’s Flash and many more have been released on DVD. These films are now starting to give Nigerian movies massive competition for space in the living rooms of many Batswana. With local celebrities such funny man Joel “Ntsoro’ Keitumele and Vee showing what they can do in front of the silver screen, Batswana have grown fond of the movies which are usually filled with lots of laughter and a moral lesson in the end.

“With quite a small budget as compared to those in media houses across the border and no glitz and glamour of Tinsel town, local media houses have slowly started to producer top quality films, most of which depict the true lives of ordinary Batswana. One company by the name Dargie Advertising Agency seems to be leading the way, having produced and published a number of movies on DVD.’

Mogotsi Mox Gaolathe of Dargie Advertising Agency when asked why locally produced movies are not being showed in cinemas said that people who own the cinemas in Botswana  still don’t have faith in their own product.

He also criticises Botswana Television (Btv) in The Botswana Gazette for their lack of support for the industry which is still in its infancy. 

SourceThe Botswana Gazette


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