Channels snap up Somali pirates content


Discovery Channel and Military Channel teamed up for the world premiere of Somali Pirate Takedown: The Real Story, which features new footage of the pirates aboard the rogue lifeboat as well as the first-ever broadcast interviews with members of the Maersk Alabama crew.

The special, to be screen on 21 June, feature an outline of the US Navy’s efforts to successfully rescue Captain Phillips, alongside exclusive footage shot by Military Channel’s embedded crews aboard US Navy ships leading counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile Al Jazeera English this week presented a new five part series, Lawless Seas, which goes behind the scenes to uncover piracy in Somalia.  With exclusive access, Al Jazeera English’s Mohammed Adow explores the ever growing issue and portrays a unique picture of piracy.
Lawless Seas looks at what piracy is today and also why so many are continuing to join this booming industry.  With interviews from the pirates themselves, to a community divided on this issue, political, religious and clan elders who are fighting against piracy, Mohammed Adow learns the inner workings of the pirates operation, the networks involved and the men making Somalia’s waters the most dangerous on Earth.


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