New look for National Arts Festival


The National Arts Festival held annually in Grahamstown has been given a new visual identity followed by an exciting marketing campaign. Behind the complete facelift for this popular festival is creative agency Ireland Davenport.

“As the country’s best-known and longest running annual celebration of the Arts, we are looking for a fresh, modern face for our brand that retained some of the spirit we have nurtured and developed over the years, and find a way of packaging the whole festival experience, communicating its’ essence,’ Festival CEO Tony Lankester said.

“We’ve attempted to capture the artistic soul of the National Arts Festival with the suggestion of drumming and clapping, two activities that are so central to African festivals and celebration. We feel that this gives the sense of vibrancy, intensity and excitement and highlights the celebratory nature of the Festival,’ says Philip Ireland Executive Creative Director of Ireland Davenport.

Lankester said that the Festival’s new advertising campaign, launched together with the new visual identity, captures the core spirit of the brand promise. The launch of the new visual identity coincides with the launch of the National Arts Festival 2009 “10 days of amazing!’ festival poster campaign.

“”10 Days of Amazing’, describes perfectly the essence of what we aim to create – a breathtaking experience in a bubble of intense emotion for ten days each year. It is a brand promise that we will deliver an “amazing’ experience for performers, who get the opportunity to express themselves freely and openly, and for audiences who get to share in the spine-tingling and extraordinary moments these artists create,’ Lankester said.

“We want to stimulate a new conversation about the National Arts Festival as a brand. People can expect the same excellent experience this year, we’re just signalling a new energy through a modern look and feel,’ said Lankester.

The “10 days of amazing!’ at the National Arts Festival will run from 2 – 11 July 2009, in Grahamstown. For more information visit the website on


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