Generation Game looks for contestants


The new series of SABC2’s The Generation Game, which starts broadcasting from 27 March at 19.30pm, is looking for contestants.

The Generation Game involves four related couples of opposite sexes where the two members of each team are at least a generation apart.

Its appeal is to all ages and sectors of society. A true family show where contestants compete in a series of knockout games of skill and imitation to win through to the end game. The winner of this gets the chance to play the Conveyor Belt Game and maybe win a mystery holiday.

There are four sets of contestants and five games to be played; each game is worth a maximum of 20 points (10 points per contestant).

The first couples play games 1 and 2. The couple with the most points get through to play the end game (game 5).The second 2 couples play games 3 and 4 and the same rules apply as above.

For the end game, the final two couples play a dance game/scenario and the winners get through to the conveyer belt, where they have a chance to win the exciting prizes they remember on the conveyer belt. Should they remember 15 or more they win a Luxury holiday!


    . The teams should consist of related members of a family, opposite gender , for example mother & son ;father & daughter; uncle & niece; aunt & nephew
    . Youngest contestant in a team must not be younger that 20 years old
    . The age difference between team members must be 15 years and more

    . Contestants must come with the spirit of having FUN .

Interested candidates can email or call 083 913 3436


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