Online stock footage


Framepool 360, the online stock footage collection run by filmmakers, has acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to extreme sports filmmaker Thierry Donard’s “Nuit de la Glisse’ and his future work.

Donard has been making films about extreme sports for 26 years. His films show the most daring sportsmen and women and the world’s most famous free-style riders in their element.

“I don’t really like the term Extreme Sports very much as I don’t ask anyone to try out crazy things,’ says Donard. “We are working with professional sportsmen and women, who know exactly what they are doing. And my team and I have to rely totally on each other, because often it’s a question of life and death. That’s only possible if you’re passionate about sports, about nature and about the best technical equipment.’

Says director of Framepool 360 Paris, Jean-Charles Pentecouteau: “Donard’s films are not only visually and aesthetically captivating, but they are also of outstanding technical quality. He shoots everything on Super 16, where his colleagues would normally use DV or Beta. We are currently scanning the footage of “Nuit de la Glisse’ in HD up to 2K, so we can fully satisfy the technical expectations of our clients.’


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